Ensuring Quality Control with Advanced Pharma Metal Detection Technology

Pharma Metal Detector

The pharmaceutical industry in India, is a growing and dynamic sector, with many companies producing a wide range of products for local and international markets. To ensure the quality and safety of these products, many pharmaceutical companies are turning to pharma metal detectors to detect metal contaminants in their products.

There are different pharma metal detectors available

●      Tablet metal detectors

These detectors are used to check pills, tablets, and other pharmaceutical products for metal contaminants. Using electronic magnetic technology, a detection chamber scans products as they move through them. If a metal contaminant is discovered, the metal detector will reject the product and notify the operator. Metal contaminants won’t be able to get into the finished product, putting customers at risk.

Choosing a metal detector from a reputable manufacturer that meets industry standards and regulations is crucial. SMMS’s best-in-class tablet metal detectors are made of high-quality stainless steel for high performance and low maintenance. They are risk-free to use and generate little waste.

●      Gravity Feed metal detectors

Gravity feed metal detectors are used to find metal contaminants in powders, granules, and other free-flowing products in the pharmaceutical industry. Utilizing a combination of electronic magnetic technology, these detectors enable the product to flow through a detection chamber under the influence of gravity. These metal detectors are ideal for high-volume production lines because speed and accuracy are crucial. The sensitivity requirements and overall production rate ought to all be taken into consideration when selecting a detector. A metal detector from a reputable manufacturer that complies with industry standards and regulations is essential. Gravity feed metal detectors offered by SMMS are fully compliant with HACCP and FDA regulations and have high sensitivity, high throughput, and a round configuration to save system space and waste.

●      Pipeline metal detector

The pipeline metal detection system works by passing the product through a metal detector that uses electromagnetic induction to detect the presence of metal particles. In the metal-free zone of the metal detector, the product is inspected for metal contaminants. If any metal particles are found, an alarm goes off, and the product is rejected. The best way to comply with HACCP and FDA requirements for pumped liquid, paste, and slurry products is with the SMMS Pipeline metal detection system. High-quality materials and high precision are used in the design of these machines

●      Conveyorised metal detector

Utilizing electromagnetic fields, conveyorized metal detectors identify metal objects. When a metal object is detected, an alarm is triggered and the conveyor belt stops, prompting the operator to remove the contaminated product. The detectors can be set up to find specific metals like stainless steel, non-ferrous steel, and ferrous steel. They can also be set up to find metal objects of all sizes and shapes.

The SMMS Metal Detector Head can be used with a wide variety of standard and custom conveyor systems to detect metal in packed and loose products. It comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all product applications.


In conclusion, the pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on pharma metal detectors to guarantee the safety and quality of its products. Pharma metal detectors should be selected with care by businesses based on their particular requirements and from a reputable manufacturer that complies with industry standards and regulations.


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