The Importance of Metal Detectors in the Industry

industrial Metal Detector

Metal can be detected and rejected with the help of industrial metal detectors. They are utilized in numerous industries, including packaging, food, pharmaceutical, rubber, textile, fibre, garment, lumber, plastics, and numerous others. Various metal detectors are used in various industries, including spice detectors, pharmaceutical detectors, garment detectors, pipeline detectors, confectioner detectors, grain detectors, and so on. are frequently used in the production process.

How Industrial Metal Detectors Work

Our metal detector’s main input supply is 230V AC, 50Hz. Other required voltages are derived from the main power supply. Our Metal detector coils operate with low voltages from +-12V to +24V. These are low-voltage AC oscillations mainly responsible for the transmission/generation of low-frequency electromagnetic fields/waveforms (40Khz to 200Khz).

If metal particle contamination is present in the food products, then these low-frequency electromagnetic fields/waveforms magnetize the metal particle contamination and produce eddy currents Receiver coils of metal detectors detect these eddy currents waveforms, and a detection alarm is activated for metal particle contamination in the product.

These low-frequency electromagnetic fields/waveforms are not reacting (producing eddy) with materials other than ferrous, non-ferrous, and SS. So there is no impact on food items products or their ingredients. Food items can safely pass through metal detectors to detect metal particle contamination.

Benefits of SMMS Industrial Metal Detectors

The use of industrial metal detectors in the industry provides several benefits, including:

  • Industrial metal detectors, Specifically Designed to Identify and Remove Contamination from Large Product Processing Units such as rubber, textile and fiber.
  • Industrial metal detectors are extremely sensitive to a wide range of nonmetals and metals.
  • SMMS classified the various industrial metal detectors available based on their finishes and polishes. Additionally, it depends on whether standard-grade stainless steel is utilized in the design process.
  • Additionally, it includes a variety of conveyor systems for use in a variety of product industries. Examples: rubber, textile and fibre industries.
  • Large-aperture metal detection systems are available to detect metal in large bags, boxes, carats, and sacks.

Additionally, they also have high sensitivity to magnetic and non-magnetic materials, as well as a variety of rejection mechanisms, customization of detection systems, and complete compliance with HACCP and ISO certifications. As a Mumbai Metal Detector, some additional features of our products include automatic temperature adjustment, adjustable sensitivity, reliability, and automatic balancing.

For all those looking for a high-performance Industrial Metal Detector the name to turn to is none other than SMMS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. One of the prominent Industrial Metal Detector Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers, the company offers highly efficient and perfectly designed Industrial Metal Detectors including Bag Metal Detector, Capsule Metal Detector, Garments Metal Detector, Pharma Metal Detector, Pharma Tablet Metal Detector, Pipeline Metal Detector, Spices Metal Detector and Gravity Feed Metal Detector.

Good infrastructure and competent staff enable the company to offer highly efficient Metal Detectors. We are a well-known Indian manufacturer of metal detectors and offer a product line that can detect stainless steel, ferrous metal, and other metals. Our metal detectors are simple to operate and maintain.

Our products are guaranteed to be high-quality, energy-efficient, and of high performance by our expert team. At a price range that is affordable for customers, we offer a variety of metal detectors.

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