Stone Crusher Metal Detectors

Stone Crusher Metal Detector

Stone crushers play a crucial role in the construction industry as they are used for crushing large stones and rocks into smaller, manageable aggregates. In the cement industry, these machines are used to reduce the raw material size to the point where it can be ground into a fine powder. This process is essential for producing high-quality cement.

How Split Metal Detectors Work

Split metal detectors operate by emitting a magnetic field that reacts with metal objects, causing a disturbance in the field that the detector can detect. These detectors are installed on conveyor belts that transport rocks, stones and pulp from the crushing machine to storage, detecting any metal fragments that may have become embedded in the materials during the crushing process.

The design of stone crusher metal detectors can vary, but most consist of a coil of wire that creates a magnetic field, a control unit that processes the signals from the coil, and an indicator that alerts the user to the presence of metal.

Benefits of Stone Crusher Metal Detectors in India

The use of stone crusher metal detectors in India provides several benefits, including:

Equipment protection: Metal detectors also protect equipment from damage, as metal fragments can cause significant wear and tear on crushing machines.

Cost savings: By detecting metal fragments in rocks and stones, stone crusher metal detectors help to minimize the risk of equipment damage and repairs, which can be costly.

Compliance with regulations & Worker Safety: In many parts of India, the use of metal detectors in stone crushing is a legal requirement, and failure to comply can result in penalties. Stone crusher metal detectors help to ensure the safety of workers by detecting metal fragments in rocks, stones pulp and, thereby reducing the risk of injury or harm.

SMMS Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

SMMS split-type metal detectors are available with different features:

  • Uses eddy current for metal detection
  • Available in different sizes as per requirement
  • Highly receptive to all metals, magnetic and non-magnetic including stainless steel
  • To withstand the high-pressure factory environment, high-grade materials are used
  • They have low power consumption and self diagnosis for lesser breakdown
  • Easy to install and adjust sensitivity

For conveyor belt monitoring, SMMS offers a variety of split-type metal detector heads for the separation of medium and large metal particles. These machines are ideal for heavy industrial applications like the paper mill, stone crusher, and cement industry. can be made to fit the existing conveyor and installed without requiring major changes. Strong and durable model built to work in factories with a lot of dust and high pressure.



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