Importance of Installation of Gravity Feed Metal Detectors

Gravity Feed Metal Detector

Gravity Feed Metal Detector

Gravity Feed Metal Detector helps to detect metal contaminants which occur mistakenly or accidentally in the processing unit of Industrial production work. It also helps to reject faulty product pieces. Gravity Feed Metal Detector is a type of metal detector from several other metal detectors. It is mainly categorized under Industrial Metal detectors. SMMS metal detectors help to detect ferrous and non-ferrous materials which are passed through it during processing. It also helps to identify stainless steel traces present in the maximum throughput.

Purchasers widely used gravity Feed Metal Detector models from SMMS in the Food industries. Basically, for detecting metal particles in packed food, ready-to-eat foods, spices, powdery foods, biscuits, and confectionery. SMMS Gravity-feed metal detectors are Well-designed with great precision, accuracy and perfect product rejection types.

Important features of Gravity-feed metal detectors


  • Well-designed for all kinds of powdered or small granules products
  • Provides High sensitivity to magnetic and non-magnetic particles
  • Perfect application for bulk Dusty works in the Factory
  • Their user manual is easy to understand and quick to learn its functioning of it.
  • It has a good user interface to operate.
  • Its stainless steel holds long-lasting workloads with high performance and low maintenance costs.
  • A variety of pipe ranges are available for various Industrial applications
  • The certified food-grade pipe is combined with the detector to maintain and meet the food quality and standards.
  • Requires compact spaces to stand because of its compact design
  • Comes in very compact sizes and shapes.
  • Continuous maintenance of accuracy with fast detection and rejection
  • Can hold high workflow through production lines.
  • Provides compensation for granular or powdery products for product
  • SMMS sets up the Gravity feed Metal detector systems at critical positions of production process units to have a great impact regarding full compliance with HACCP and FDA

Benefits of Using Gravity Feed metal detectors


  • SMMS Gravity Feed Metal Detector provides great accuracy and reliability
  • Easy to Set up and maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect detection even at a large amount of throughput

The metal detector will be designed for grounded spices, herbs, etc. Capacity will be 1 metric ton per hour and to avoid cross-contamination, nonmetallic pipe will be made of Teflon and is washable.
The minimum requirement for the installation of Metal detector is as follows:

  • Minimum space 1.2-1.5 meters from top to bottom excluding the collection bags
  • Regular flow of product, there should not be any choking. Flow control from your side.
  • No outside vibration. The Metal detector should be installed firmly on the ground

We at SMMS are leaders in metal detection technology. We have highly qualified engineers who focus on the customization of metal detection systems according to specific industrial Usage. Also, the engineers remain up to date in the metal tech industry, in order to manufacture custom mechanical devices. If you are deciding to purchase any kind of metal detection for industrial use then you can go for SMMS. You can contact us at +91-9821241928 or the email id –