Understand the Crucial Features of Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detector
Industrial metal detectors are one of the main categories described by SMMS.  Industrial metal detectors are designed and built in a customised way. The detector models are well-designed according to the product size, shape, weight, and process requirements & strategies. They majorly installed such detectors for heavy industrial processes like textile, rubber, fibre, 25k bags, and so forth. Their Industrial metal detectors are cost and time effective.

The SMMS brand products work with great performance. Industrial metal detectors are highly sensitive to metals and non-metals and also give fast responses while the detection process. Thus, it helps to maintain the product’s packaging time and product quality. The automatic elimination of metal particles from the products is very effective and cost-efficient. SMMS is not just a metal detector system brand, but a value-based chain serving their big clients for many years.

SMMS systems have great features which include

  • Customisation of detection systems
  • Maintaining detection and rejection accuracy
  • High sensitivity regarding magnetic materials as well as non-magnetic materials
  • Different rejection mechanism
  • Has total Compliance with ISO certifications and HACCP

List of some of the crucial features of Industrial Metal Detectors

  • Industrial Metal Detectors custom designed to detect and separate out metal contamination in huge product processing units.
  • The metal detectors are very sensitive to various metals and nonmetals.
  • SMMS made the availability of different Industrial metal detectors according to their finishes and polishes. Also, its choice depends on the use of standard-grade stainless steel while designing.
  • Usage of IP-65 grade of high-grade protection is for having smooth heavy wash
  • It has Sandblasted finish metal detector for dry wipe environments.
  • Industrial Metal Detectors come in varied ranges to cover all product applications in the marketplace.
  • It also includes various kinds of Conveyor systems for having various application usage for different product industries.
  • It is very easy to handle and has a quick guided user manual.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to
  • For the detection of metal in Large bags, boxes, carats and sacks There is the availability of Large aperture metal detection systems.

SMMS are the leading custom machine designer, manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of metal detectors in India. SMMS’s motto is to give total commitment to an establishment in order to have a benchmark in quality and service. Also committed to providing custom-designed solutions for their clients worldwide. For more details, you can check at SMMS website. And you will find their contact details ie. at +91-9821241928 or the email id – mks@mre.net.in.