Buying an effective Metal Detector for Spices

Spice metallic detectors are also known as powder metal detectors especially used in Indian spice powder production industries. Basically, all great spice production brands use the spice metallic detector system in their industry for its great design and accuracy. They have spice metallic detectors at a reasonable price. Their price range starts from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs approximately. They have great shipping facilities with good-quality packing. SMMS comes with the model Gravity Feed Metal Detector System for Spice metallic detection. They built the metal detector with stainless steel. And has 220 V Voltage.

Amazing features of the Spice Metallic Detector System


  • Spice Metallic Detector System requires less space to install
  • To avoid powder accumulation; the detector has a compact and State-of-the-art
  • It has quick and simple installation steps
  • Effective and accurate detection of small metallic particles in a heavy flow spice production
  • It works fine and is ideal for all kinds of spices.
  • Requires minimum human efforts for installation.
  • SMMS built the detector with high standard Stainless steel.

Type of metal detector used for spices in the spice production unit


There are Gravity-feed metal detectors which are used for spices. It is because gravity-feed metal detectors have their main applications in dusty materials. It detects smaller metallic traces in the spice powder, dry spices and granular voice as well. For effective detection, the spice powder is need to be gravity fed through the detection pipe. This detector design is compact and comes with high throughput. It detects unwanted small metal particles from the spice powder and helps to maintain spice powder quality standards.

Such metal detectors from the SMMMS brand ensure the metal quality and also maintains the spice powder quality. If you are planning to buy a spice metallic detector, then you are requested to call or contact them for your custom requirements and special inquiries. They are happy to serve and are available 365 days for their clients and customers. Their contact details on the website include their mobile number ie. +91-9821241928 and email id –