Amazing Metal Detectors for Ready-to-Eat Food Products

SMMS is a leading company in building custom metal detection systems. Metal detectors are very important in food industries. The ready-to-eat metal detection systems help to detect the metal at the surface so as to prevent the mixing of such metals into the food packets.

Detectors are used to prevent metal contamination in the food industry which results in to the huge loss of industrial assets and consumers health.

There are various metallic particle contamination happens in the food industry while producing and packaging ready-to-eat food. In spite of great care and consumer food protection strategies, there is a chance of metallic remains in the food packets. So special or customised metallic detectors are needed because they can lead to serious injuries to consumers.

In the food industry, food machinery protection and food protection are the main goals of installing food metallic detectors. The smallest interference of metallic particles in the food machinery can lead to machine failure. And even a little contamination of food with metallic particles can also lead to consumer’s serious health issues.

Metal Detectors for Ready-to-Eat Food Products


Basically, large food production industries like confectionaries, baking industries and other food packet production industries need good quality Metal detectors. SMMS has high-grade engineers who are experts in manufacturing custom Metal Detectors for Ready-to-Eat Food Products.

They closely work with the food processing units for achieving accurate detection techniques. The Ready-to-Eat Food Metallic Detectors are installed in the industry for detecting metallic traces in a large quantities of food packets. The metal detector machine has a continuous functioning conveyor that too moving at constant speed carrying the food packets of

Ready-to-Eat Food Products. The detection system’s sensor detects metal particles in chocolates, candies, coconut powders, coffee powder, biscuits, etc.

Amazing features of Metal Detectors for Ready-to-Eat Food Products


  • So as to eliminate metallic contamination and have clean or hygienic operating processes; the machine uses 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Such metallic detection machines have long lasting performance and have no maintenance cost.
  • There are different conveyors used on the metallic detector systems for different strategic detections
  • It has a quick and effective detection process rather than doing manually for hours and

We at SMMS focus on innovations and our manufactured metal detection systems are

cost-efficient. We stay up to date with the latest technology. Provides R&D activities, and a number of metal detection installations worldwide. Installed 25000+ metal detection products in various Indian industries. Their service support works to serve clients and customers

worldwide. If you are planning to purchase metal detectors for ready-to-eat food products, then visit at SMMS. You can contact us at +91-9821241928 or at email id –