Reasons why Metal Detectors is of utmost importance these days

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Reasons why Metal Detectors is of utmost importance these days

Gone are those days, when there is no device to find out an uncommon metal inclusion in products.  But with the advent of new technologies, several hi-tech products are introduced in the market. Metal detector is one such useful invention. Now, several companies are involved in manufacturing metal detectors for finding out varied kinds of hidden metal contamination within objects.

Working Procedure of Metal Detectors

Metal detectors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction and it consists of the control, the inductive proximity sensor, the output device and the signal processor. Using these four components, the device transmits an EM field into the ground from the search coil.  During the procedure, the metallic object present within this field will itself retransmit an EM field.

Why use metal detectors in the Pharma industry

Metal Detectors are used to inspect the pharmaceutical product for the presence of any kind of metal contamination including pins, fasteners, pins, or other metallic pieces in the object.

  • Designed using premium quality stainless steel
  • Require minimum maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pharma Metal Detectors can be used to check the capsules, tablets, granules or powders for the detection of ferrous or non-ferrous components.
  • Easy to dismantle and hence can be easily cleaned.
  • The tablet metal detector is an ideal device used in pharmaceutical applications.
  • The device with excellent processing speed is highly sensitive to non-magnetic stainless steel and other metals as well.
  • Quick and efficient detection of contamination in the object
  • High level of accuracy in detecting metals, and more.

Introducing SMMS: the Ultimate Metal Detecting Device Manufacturer

Searching a durable Pharma Metal Detectors for fully-integrated object inspection? End your search at SMMS. The company manufactures several kinds of metal detectors for different usage in pharmaceutical industries including tablet metal detectors, gravity Feed metal detectors, pipeline metal detectors and conveyorised metal detectors. Have a look at the features of each one:

Features of SMMS’s metal devices

  1. Tablet Metal Detector
  • Inspect Metal inclusions in capsules/ tablets
  • Compatible with all kinds of tablet press machines
  • Sensitive to all metals
  • High-performance device
  • Highly efficient and fast
  • Auto-validation process, etc.


  1. Gravity Feed Metal Detectors

Now, move on to Gravity Feed Metal Detectors. The device is used to detect very small or minute contaminations present in dried, granular or powdered products.

  • The compactly designed machine can be used in a dusty environment
  • Installation is done at the critical points of the fabrication process so that the product meets with the HACCP and FDA norms
  • Available in varied configurations, this device is highly sensitive to magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • The standard pipe size is available in varied ranges to suit all application


  1. Pipeline Metal Detector
  • Designed to detect contamination in liquid products
  • Can withstand in high temperature and high-pressure environment
  • Available in different sizes for different applications
  • Anti-static and highly efficient
  • Do not chemically change the product, etc.


  1. Conveyorised Metal Detector


For high-security applications, metal detector conveyor systems are an ideal solution for quality control in the food and beverage industry. They can be installed at multiple points throughout the production process, from raw ingredients to packaging and shipping, to ensure that no contaminated or potentially dangerous food products make it to the end of the line. However, it’s important to choose your conveyorised metal detector systems carefully based on your specific needs in order to benefit from the maximum protection against contamination and product damage possible.

Join the site of SMMS, to know more about the Pharma Metal Detectors and its usages. The internal team of SMMS is always available to resolve your query.