Selecting Right Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare process


Pharma industry is one industry which keeps on growing year by year as the demand for medicines in the world are increasing at a fast phase so are the Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The medicines and products manufactured by these industries are quite critical and important, To ensure the product is 100% effective and contaminants free Pharma and Healthcare industries have stringent quality checks and quality norms.

For effective inspection and removal of contaminants various inspection equipments are installed at the process lines with Metal Detector being one such important equipment. Metal Detector not only effectively detects metal contamination but also removes the contaminated product.

How to select right Metal Detector for Pharma and Healthcare process?

  • Adherence to Quality Norms :

A Quality Metal detector will have features which will comply to all the required quality standards of Pharmaceutical Industry, The Suitable Metal Detector will have quality certifications like CGMP compliance and FDA Compliance.

  • Features of Metal Detector:

In Pharma and Healthcare the main purpose of metal detector is checking and eliminating metal like iron, zinc, copper and steel. These metals enter into the products anywhere from the raw material to the mixing processes, for a metal detector to be Pharma complaint it should have features like:

High grade stainless steel body

Auto Rejection System

Quick Response Time

Hassle free installation

Easy to operate

Hassle free cleaning


  • Compatibility with Process line Machines:

While procuring Metal Detector for Tablet, Capsule, soft Gelatin Capsules processes, companies should take into account the compatibility of the metal detector with process machinery.

A quality metal detector will be compatible with all standard tablet press machineries and capsule process machines, which makes easy for manufacturing company to install the metal detectors.

Same with the API and Bulk drug manufacturers a quality metal detector will be highly compatible with the process line machinery and will be able to effectively eliminate the metal contaminants from the products.

  • Supplier reputation:

It is highly recommended to procure Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical industry(link) from a industry reputed suppliers, As these machines hold a important space in line of inspection.

A reputed supplier will supply a machine which adheres to pharmaceutical norms; the supplier will be able to provide the machines in large quantities ,will use high grade components and give efficient after sales support.  

The above listed points can help a manufacturer select accurate Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical Process from a reputed supplier from the industry.

A Quality Machine works efficiently as per the industry norms and requires minimum maintenance with long work life and durability.