Uses of Metal Detectors for Food Industry


Food industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with new packed or ready to eat products launching every day. With growing need of processed food, new units of food processing plants are set up. With supply of innovative packed food there is a constant need to look for consumer safety, the main purpose of using metal detector in Food Industry is to protect consumer from any hazard of metal contaminants. Companies want to ensure their product is free of any possible contaminants. One such contaminants being metal contamination.

With vast industry experience we have noticed a lack of awareness among the producers regarding the Metal Detector and its applications, Hence in this article we will cover the uses of Metal Detectors for food industry.

Uses of Metal Detector for Food Industry:

  1. Consumer Protection:

Food products manufacturing companies use metal detectors to protect their consumers from potential hazard of metal consumption in food. It is of utmost importance to look for consumer safety before supplying food products in the market.

  • Developing Good Brand Image:

If the products supplied by a food manufacturer are safe from any such contaminants the consumers develop trust towards the brand and hence gaining a good brand image in the industry.

  • Avoid Heavy Penalties and Compensation claims :

FDA and HACCP authorities have termed metal detection systems as a CCP ( Critical Control Point) Equipment and a must machine in line of inspection equipments, to avoid penalties from the authorities it is of most important to install and use metal detectors a various checkpoints.

Metal Detectors in Food industry can be used at various stages of production lines in industries like:

IQF Products

Bakery Products

Biscuits manufacturing plants

Ready to Eat Product lines

Dairy Products

Spices and Flour Mills

Grains Sorting Processes.

Apart from consumer protection metal detector are also used for a purpose of protection of processing machineries, metal detector has various uses in not only food industry but all the products manufacturing units.

Metal detectors are installed at various checkpoints in food manufacturing units as they have automated rejection facility on metal detection, these metal detector effectively detect metal contaminants and reject the contaminated products making the process of inspection smooth and hassle free. Companies select metal detectors based on their performance of effective detection and rejection of metal contaminated products to the capacity of Metal Detector to work in high speed process lines.Metal Detectors for Food (link)Industries can be selected from reputed manufacturers with will ensure minimum maintenance and hassle free use age.